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Overnight Postpartum Doula


Overnight Postpartum Doula

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No one understands the value of a good night's sleep like a new parent. With nighttime support, dreaming can become your reality.

Sleep like a baby... Even when your baby doesn't

As a new and sleep-deprived parent, I used to long for a break. At the same time, I didn't want to miss a precious moment with my babies. Nighttime care perfectly fulfills both desires.

Sleep deeply at night, knowing your baby is well-cared for during the long, quiet, and uneventful hours. Wake up refreshed so that you can enjoy more memory-making time with your newborn during the day.

It's a win-win!

A night with your overnight doula

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Before Bed

  • Doula arrives at 10 pm and checks in with family
  • Mother nurses the baby and doula answers breastfeeding questions
  • Father asks the doula about newborn care techniques
  • Parents go to bed or enjoy some quiet time
  • Doula swaddles and rocks the baby to sleep (however many snuggles it takes!)
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While you sleep

  • Doula straightens up the home, folds some laundry, and does some dishes
  • Doula cleans and prepares the breastpump and bottles
  • Doula brings baby to mother to nurse in bed or bottlefeeds the baby
  • Doula changes diapers, reswaddles, and soothes baby to sleep
  • Around midnight, doula starts to rest if baby is asleep
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  • Doula prepares a simple breakfast for the parents
  • Baby is settled in the parents' room
  • Doula shares her notes about what the baby did during the night
  • At 6 am doula reminds family to reach out if they need anything and goes home
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  • Ongoing text, phone, and email support to answer questions and talk through concerns
  • Research-based information and resources to help the family make informed decisions
  • Family has access to the doula's resource library
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A Week in Your Life with a Postpartum Doula

It can be hard to imagine life with a new baby, and what kind of support you may need. In this blog post I’ll take you from Monday to Friday with a detailed peek into my care as a postpartum doula to new families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give the gift of sleep!

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"Sleep soundly at night. Live fully during the day."